Tiny Farm Android App Review

Android is reaching out to online farmers with a farming game of their own.  Tiny Farm is an Android app that lets you grow crops, raise animals, and even earn rewards and prizes.  Anyone who loves popular farming games will enjoy having their own virtual farm on their phone anywhere they go.  Check on your animals while you are waiting at the doctor’s office, collect crops when you are sitting at your children’s dance class, or buy a new baby animal for your farm while lounging around at home.  You can expand your farm, buy buildings, and decorate your farm so that it is a one of a kind.  The app even lets you create new breeds of animals and gives you challenges to complete for extra money and animals.

Available in four different languages, including French and German, you can invite friends in other parts of the world to join your farming quests.  The app’s seasonal updates and limited offers keep the game interesting and challenging so you never get bored as you might with other similar apps.  You can send messages to friends, help them with their farm, and enlist their help in finding rare animals and achieving game goals.  The app allows you to create your own virtual farming community right in the palm of your hand.

Other features found on the Tiny Farm app:

  • Animals that make sounds and move around
  • Quests to find legendary animals
  • Love points that enable your animals to breed
  • dozens of seeds to grow vegetables and fruit from
  • social play — invite your friends to create their own farm
  • find and tame wild animals
  • decorative buildings
  • worldwide farmers and caretakers

Android users rate this app with 4 1/2 out of five stars, making it a great app to download if you love social farming games.  Downloads for this app have increased considerably in the last 30 days from 1 million to 5 million users, turning it into one of the most popular apps for Android systems.  The Tiny Farm 1.01.02 version  game requires a 2.2 Android device or higher, and at least 27 m of space in order to operate at its best.   Full internet access is necessary in order to establish the social networking features of the game and the app has the ability to connect and disconnect from WiFi access points.

The game is free to download but you will have to pay for special items for the farm–something that is common on these types of social games.  You should also be aware that downloading Tiny Farm will give the app access to your phone’s information which may make you susceptible to malicious apps.  That being said, this is a cute game and one that will provide you with hours of entertainment.



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