Airport Mania App

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Airport Mania

This app has had some awesome success over on the iPhone and the developers finally ported it to the Android. Airport Mania is a fun game that lets you micromanage some cutely made graphics and fly around while staying on schedule. There are eight different airports, fun music and graphics and over forty-eight different levels to play.

There is also a secret mode that you can unlock that changes your planes to paper airplanes. This is not a gaming app that is for the serious air traffic controller, but if you want to have a fun little game on your Droid then this one is definitely a download.

Facebook Free App

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Android Apps Facebook

This is pretty much a given as an install. If you haven’t used Facebook; now might be the time to try. If you have been on the fence about switching over from Myspace to Facebook, then consider how many movies have been made about either app and then decide. Facebook is the world’s largest social network and for very good reason; the service is well maintained, constantly updated and completely free.

Download this free app for your Android based device and connect to friends and family all over the globe. This free app should be on every phone in our humble opinion.

Facebook also offers several application development features for website owners and those wanting to integrate the functions of Facebook into their apps.

Android Apps Pandora

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Android Apps Pandora

If you haven’t downloaded this amazing free app then you are missing out on some of the best free music of our century. The Android Pandora App gives you access to unlimited free music all based on your particular music styles and taste. The music selection algorithm is amazing and very rarely has picked something that we didn’t like.

Try this out today. If you like it, there is a pay service which is something like 20 bucks a year which gives you no ads and more channel creation options. Check out this app immediately!

Android Apps Flash Player 10.2




Android Apps Flash Player 10.2

Thank you Google and Droid for being clever enough to allow flash to work on your system. This should have come standard with all Droid OS devices, but its never too late to make up for a mistake. Download Flash Player 10.2 and open up the rest of the internet that iPhone users are missing. This app is still in Beta so don’t be surprised if you run into a couple of freezes or force closes, but so far we haven’t had any problems.

You can have access to that interactive content like movies and games that you have missed out on if you haven’t had this loaded. Download it today and improve the media power of your Android today.

Root Explorer Android Apps

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Android Apps Root Explorer

If you have been looking for a clean and easy file manager for your Droid OS device, then Root Explorer may be the app for you. Root Explorer gives you access to the entire droid system and that also includes the data folder. This app uses the familiar SQLite viewer and has several useful features like creating or extracting gzips and tar files, multiple file selection, search and execute scripts.

Root Explorer also gives you control over permissions and comes with a handy text editor. Among all of the other handy feature is the ability to send files through bluetooth, email and texting.


Android Apps Review Titanium Backup Pro

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Android Apps Review Titanium Backup Pro

The best way to backup your apps. Titanium Backup Pro offers several features to protect your Droid apps with backups. You can use the app to synchronize to and from the dropbox and there is an unlimited scheduling system. This app is sold only in Swiss Francs so your card has to support global purchases. Most will, but if you end up having a problem buying it, that may be why.

Titanium Backup Pro offers an app freezer, no click restoration and multiple backup capability. You will need to install the free version and upgrade to the pro in order for the app to function correctly.

PicSay Pro

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PicSay Pro

PicSay Pro is an Android app that lets you do some funny and wild things to your pics. Along with having some great filters and editing features, PicSay Pro let’s you add word balloons, other pics and text. This is a great way to spice up an otherwise dull pic.

If your pictures haven’t been saying the thousand words that its worth, then this is a great app to get your meaning across quickly. You can make some very fun adjustments to your pics, send them out and have some laughs.

Remove red eye, straighten, crop, distort and sharpen your pics with the ease of PicSay Pro.

Android Apps MiniSquadron

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Android Apps MiniSquadron

MiniSquadron Special Edition Version is the much awaited sequel to the very popular MiniSquadron original. This game app is a fast paced shooter that puts you against some of the fastest and most dangerous planes in the world in a battle for air superiority.

This version has eight new levels and a well composed soundtrack. It has also added hovering helicopters and fifty more airplanes that can be unlocked. Fireballs are also an added weapon to this version.

An live leaderboard and more to shoot makes this special edition a lot of fun.

Android Apps Share My Apps

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Android Apps Share My Apps

Share My Apps is a single purpose Android app that allows you to make a list of your favorite apps, include notations and then send the apps to anyone you want. This is a great app that easily lets you make a collection of the best apps and send them out to anyone with an Android OS smartphone.

You can send single apps or multiple apps using the list feature. You cans share through email, create barcodes or send the apps via Google reader, Facebook and any other program that allows for accepting text.

This is a free application that is supported by Ad Revenue, however there is a paid version without ads.

Android Apps Thinking Space

droid appsAndroid Apps Thinking Space

Thinking Space is an organization tool that helps you keep track of your ideas in a Mind Map type method.  It helps keep track of ideas using color, icons, notes and links and is great for studying, note keeping, meetings, planning and tasks.

Files created with the Thinking Space Android App are compatible with Xmind,

Freemind and MindMeister which are all other mind mapping applications.  A mind map is an excellent tool to keep track of ideas and keep them connected to each other.  They can be a great way to keep track of the events of meetings, planning business ideas, as well as studying and note keeping.