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Collaboration is the way of the future. It is evident in just about every facet of life. The technological age has made collaboration a lot easier and for that reason the whole world is turning towards that way of doing business. Even though cocktails are more pleasure than business for most people, 10001 Cocktails app for Android is the perfect example of how powerful a free app can become when the power of collaboration is unleashed on it.

Cocktails Android App Features

There are literally thousands of different cocktail ideas involving alcoholic beverages on this particular app. Some of them are classic recipes and others are recipes that have been submitted by users. You can easily scroll through all of them, try them out and then submit ratings and reviews for the ones that you’ve tried from the website.

For people that do not drink alcohol, there are thousands of different cocktail ideas that involve non-alcoholic beverages. These beverages, otherwise known as “mocktails”, are often modeled after alcoholic beverages but contain one or two other ingredients in place of the normal alcoholic ingredient. Once again, the same scrolling, rating and reviewing is available for all of these cocktails too.

Another interesting feature that the app comes with is the option for you to add your own drink ideas to the list. In effect, this means that 10001 Cocktails Android mobile application is a bit of a misnomer since the list will get larger and larger as time goes on. However, if you have any great drink ideas that have not made it onto the list as of yet, you can go right ahead and submit them through the app for consideration by your peers.

Finally, 10001 Cocktails Android app has a built in feature for allowing you to favorite the drink recipes that really appeal to you. Once you’ve done that, you can easily transfer that list to another device like your desktop computer, e-mail it to friends or simply show it to them in person since you’ll always have the list available on your mobile handheld device.


The only real drawback to this app is that some of the recipes are largely untested. This is the nature of the beast with collaboration. You’ll get a few bad apples along with a lot of great ones. For every 3-4 good new recipes you discover, you’ll run into a bad one or one that is untested for the most part.

Final Score

Despite the drawback, 10001 Cocktails app for Android remains an excellent resource for anyone that loves drinking cocktails. For that reason, we’ve given 10001 Cocktails Android app a final score of 8.5 out of 10.

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  1. android cocktail app says:

    If you’re not hooked on the collaborative nature of 10001 Cocktails, you may also want to check out drink maestro for android. While the cocktail recipe count is much, much lower, the user interface is intuitive and powerful. It’s really a different kind of application when compared to 10001 Cocktails. I’ve used them both – they both have their appeal.

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