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facebook app

Facebook Free App

Android Apps Facebook This is pretty much a given as an install. If you haven’t used Facebook; now might be the time to try. If you have been on the fence about switching over from Myspace to Facebook, then consider how many movies have been made about either app and then decide. Facebook is the […]

pandora android

Android Apps Pandora

      Android Apps Pandora If you haven’t downloaded this amazing free app then you are missing out on some of the best free music of our century. The Android Pandora App gives you access to unlimited free music all based on your particular music styles and taste. The music selection algorithm is amazing […]

Android Apps Flash Player 10.2

Android Apps Flash Player 10.2

      Android Apps Flash Player 10.2 Thank you Google and Droid for being clever enough to allow flash to work on your system. This should have come standard with all Droid OS devices, but its never too late to make up for a mistake. Download Flash Player 10.2 and open up the rest […]