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If you are looking for an app that is both useful, funny and possibly incredibly annoying to all that are in hearing distance, then Air Horn! Imagine having all of the most annoying horn sounds at your fingertips. What would you do with such incredible power? Would you use that power for good or evil? Air Horn! comes with several realistic sounding horns, like the Fog Horn, Vuvuzela and even a Train Horn. The coolest feature of the app, besides video recording of you using the app, is the Trouble Maker. This feature makes use of the microphone by sounding off anytime a noise is picked up.

All in good fun, Air Horn! is a free Android App that you will want to check out. It is ad supported; the interface is campy and not really more complicated than it has to be. There is an upgraded version available that adds more noise makers and features. The same developer also makes The Whoopee Cushion and Bleep Me apps. This app is definitely for those older brothers and sisters out there that enjoy tormenting their siblings or super enthusiastic sports fans that need bigger and louder ways to express their sports emotions at the stadium.
Android Apps Air Horn

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