Trulia, Free Real Estate App for the Android

Trulia, the real estate app for Android was created with buyers and renters in mind.  The Trulia App helps anyone that is looking for a place to rent or buy using GPS  and searches.  Homes that have been put up for sale or are up for rent are displayed in an easy to navigate user […]

Android Apps Sports Illustrated Swimsuit 2011

If you like looking at beautiful women and being asked to upgrade to the $1.99 version on nearly every page and feature, then this is the app for you.  The sole purpose of this app is to frustrate anyone that wants to see more of the model.  SI Swimsuit 2011 free is a big tease […]

Android Apps MiniSquadron

      Android Apps MiniSquadron MiniSquadron Special Edition Version is the much awaited sequel to the very popular MiniSquadron original. This game app is a fast paced shooter that puts you against some of the fastest and most dangerous planes in the world in a battle for air superiority. This version has eight new […]

Android Apps Share My Apps

      Android Apps Share My Apps Share My Apps is a single purpose Android app that allows you to make a list of your favorite apps, include notations and then send the apps to anyone you want. This is a great app that easily lets you make a collection of the best apps […]

Android Apps Thinking Space

Android Apps Thinking Space Thinking Space is an organization tool that helps you keep track of your ideas in a Mind Map type method.  It helps keep track of ideas using color, icons, notes and links and is great for studying, note keeping, meetings, planning and tasks. Files created with the Thinking Space Android App […]

Cocktails Android App Review

Collaboration is the way of the future. It is evident in just about every facet of life. The technological age has made collaboration a lot easier and for that reason the whole world is turning towards that way of doing business. Even though cocktails are more pleasure than business for most people, 10001 Cocktails app […]

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  • facebook app

    Facebook Free App

    Android Apps Facebook This is pretty much a given as an install. If you haven’t used Facebook; now might be the time to try. If you have been on the fence about switching over from Myspace to Facebook, then consider how many movies have been made about either app and then decide. Facebook is the […]

  • pandora android

    Android Apps Pandora

          Android Apps Pandora If you haven’t downloaded this amazing free app then you are missing out on some of the best free music of our century. The Android Pandora App gives you access to unlimited free music all based on your particular music styles and taste. The music selection algorithm is amazing […]

  • Android Apps Flash Player 10.2

    Android Apps Flash Player 10.2

          Android Apps Flash Player 10.2 Thank you Google and Droid for being clever enough to allow flash to work on your system. This should have come standard with all Droid OS devices, but its never too late to make up for a mistake. Download Flash Player 10.2 and open up the rest […]

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  • Song Pop Android Review

    Song Pop Android Review

    If you love to rock, enjoy listening to music, and have a little bit of a competitive streak, Song Pop may just be the perfect game for you. This addictive app has been downloaded by millions of users, spreading on smartphones and social networks, and making music lovers (or should we say music junkies?) everywhere […]

  • Tiny Farm Android App Review

    Android is reaching out to online farmers with a farming game of their own.  Tiny Farm is an Android app that lets you grow crops, raise animals, and even earn rewards and prizes.  Anyone who loves popular farming games will enjoy having their own virtual farm on their phone anywhere they go.  Check on your […]

  • Zenonia apps android

    ZENONIA 2 RPG Gaming App

          Zenonia 2 Android Apps ZENONIA 2 is a really decent RPG franchise for the Android. This gaming app gives you full control over your character building, allowing you to customize to your heart’s content. The game takes four characters through their personalized storylines. The really neat feature of this app is that […]

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  • root explorer

    Root Explorer Android Apps

          Android Apps Root Explorer If you have been looking for a clean and easy file manager for your Droid OS device, then Root Explorer may be the app for you. Root Explorer gives you access to the entire droid system and that also includes the data folder. This app uses the familiar […]

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    Android Apps Review Titanium Backup Pro

          Android Apps Review Titanium Backup Pro The best way to backup your apps. Titanium Backup Pro offers several features to protect your Droid apps with backups. You can use the app to synchronize to and from the dropbox and there is an unlimited scheduling system. This app is sold only in Swiss […]

  • android apps picsay pro

    PicSay Pro

          PicSay Pro PicSay Pro is an Android app that lets you do some funny and wild things to your pics. Along with having some great filters and editing features, PicSay Pro let’s you add word balloons, other pics and text. This is a great way to spice up an otherwise dull pic. […]

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  • JuiceDefender android apps

    Juice Defender Android Apps

    This is another in a long list of apps that conserve your battery power switching off services or allowing you to make hotkeys to turn off services.  What is going on with battery power exactly?  The reason you may be losing battery power is because you have a lot of apps running simultaneously or even […]

  • android apps time

    Time Mobile Android Apps

    This is kind of a one trick pony kind of app.  If you like Time Magazine then it would be handy app to have around, but the Time Mobile app does not do anything that special.  Just a news reading app and not much that different from others except of course, for the content.  The […]

  • Android Apps Air Horn

    Air Horn! Android Apps Free

    If you are looking for an app that is both useful, funny and possibly incredibly annoying to all that are in hearing distance, then Air Horn! Imagine having all of the most annoying horn sounds at your fingertips. What would you do with such incredible power? Would you use that power for good or evil? […]

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  • Calorie Counter Android App Review

    It seems that everyone wants to count their calories these days and now FatSecret has launched a simply designed app that lets you keep track of what you eat.  This app gives you the ability to initiate a healthy lifestyle plan and then monitor that plan, empowering you with the tools you need to lose […]

  • android apps game dev story

    Game Dev Story for the Android

          Game Dev Story This is a completely unique game that a lot of people will seriously enjoy. It has received some great reviews, even with the near five dollar price that is being asked for it. In Game Dev Story for Android, you will work to reach the upper echelon of the […]

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