Song Pop Android Review

If you love to rock, enjoy listening to music, and have a little bit of a competitive streak, Song Pop may just be the perfect game for you. This addictive app has been downloaded by millions of users, spreading on smartphones and social networks, and making music lovers (or should we say music junkies?) everywhere take note.

As a player, you get to listen to a short clip of a popular song and try to guess the title of the song. The music comes from a wide variety of playlists, ranging from classic rock to top hits from today’s Billboard charts, modern rap, country music, and everything in between. You and your opponent square off trying to figure out the songs in a timed challenge where the winner who guesses the most songs first collects coins that unlock additional content.









Get started by logging in with your Facebook account, or sign up with an email account for quick and easy access. Once logged in, you can find your friends by searching with Facebook, search using your opponent’s email address, or simply select “random” to meet and challenge a fellow stranger who loves music as much as you do.

Quizzes will challenge your musical memory as you work your way through totally new genres as well as old favorites. The game begins with six basic playlists, then as you correctly guess more and more songs and build your win streak, you can earn coins that allow you to unlock more content. The current version also gives you access to special collections or newer artists, and you can even chat with other users.

The latest version includes totally new achievements, new possibilities for high score, as well as the opportunity earn weekly tournament bonuses.


  • 6 basic playlists include songs from classic rock to today’s biggest hits
  • Challenge all your friends to a musical guessing game
  • Earn coins to unlock new content
  • Use wins to unlock new genres, new musical artists, and special collections

The newest version includes:

  • New achievements
  • New high score possibilities
  • Integration with Twitter
  • Weekly tournament bonuses


The app can be downloaded as a free version, which includes advertisements, or a paid version where you can skip the ads. It requires Android 2.2 or higher, and is rated as a game that can appeal to a broad range of ages (although you may have an edge if you’re old enough to know some of the classic songs).


Users love the ability to challenge their musical acumen against friends and strangers alike, and agree that Song Pop is an addictive way to pass the time.

This app earns 4.7 out of 5 stars.

Calorie Counter Android App Review

It seems that everyone wants to count their calories these days and now FatSecret has launched a simply designed app that lets you keep track of what you eat.  This app gives you the ability to initiate a healthy lifestyle plan and then monitor that plan, empowering you with the tools you need to lose weight and improve your overall health.  Because it downloads to your Android device, you always have it with you to help you make better choices when it comes to the food you consume.  With this app, you can eat at your favorite bistro or restaurant and still stay within your weight loss goals.  Use it when you shop for groceries, looking up the nutritional values of the brands you buy, with information like the amount of saturated fats, carbs, calories, protein, fibers, and sugar contained in the product.



The app comes with a barcode scanner so that you can immediately gather information about a single product or you can enter a code by hand if there is no bar code.  The calorie counter app does more than just count your calories however.  You can also use it as an exercise and food diary, tag foods that you want to add to your food list, and track your weight.  FatSecret continually is working to update the app so that you can make it a more effective tool in your healthy lifestyle goals and the newest version is now compatible with the tablet format.

The app does require full internet access in order to retrieve information on the foods you are looking at.  It also has the ability to store information that you may record with your camera or video camera features.  The version you download is determined by the type of Android device you are using.


  • progress journal
  • diet calendar
  • weight tracker
  • recipes
  • quick pick – allows you to find information on brands, restaurants, and foods
  • food diary
  • exercise diary
  • meal ideas
  • barcode scanner


This is a great free app to use as a tool in your weight loss plan.  Because of the GPS built into the app you can use it regardless of wherever you happen to be, allowing you to stay in full control of your calorie intake.  You can collect foods and restaurants under the quick pick feature so you never have to wonder again if you are eating the right foods.  The diaries allow you to keep track of your progress so that you can see the results of your efforts.  You can also sync the app’s information with an online account so that you have access through any internet connection.  Users give this app a rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars.

Tiny Farm Android App Review

Android is reaching out to online farmers with a farming game of their own.  Tiny Farm is an Android app that lets you grow crops, raise animals, and even earn rewards and prizes.  Anyone who loves popular farming games will enjoy having their own virtual farm on their phone anywhere they go.  Check on your animals while you are waiting at the doctor’s office, collect crops when you are sitting at your children’s dance class, or buy a new baby animal for your farm while lounging around at home.  You can expand your farm, buy buildings, and decorate your farm so that it is a one of a kind.  The app even lets you create new breeds of animals and gives you challenges to complete for extra money and animals.

Available in four different languages, including French and German, you can invite friends in other parts of the world to join your farming quests.  The app’s seasonal updates and limited offers keep the game interesting and challenging so you never get bored as you might with other similar apps.  You can send messages to friends, help them with their farm, and enlist their help in finding rare animals and achieving game goals.  The app allows you to create your own virtual farming community right in the palm of your hand.

Other features found on the Tiny Farm app:

  • Animals that make sounds and move around
  • Quests to find legendary animals
  • Love points that enable your animals to breed
  • dozens of seeds to grow vegetables and fruit from
  • social play — invite your friends to create their own farm
  • find and tame wild animals
  • decorative buildings
  • worldwide farmers and caretakers

Android users rate this app with 4 1/2 out of five stars, making it a great app to download if you love social farming games.  Downloads for this app have increased considerably in the last 30 days from 1 million to 5 million users, turning it into one of the most popular apps for Android systems.  The Tiny Farm 1.01.02 version  game requires a 2.2 Android device or higher, and at least 27 m of space in order to operate at its best.   Full internet access is necessary in order to establish the social networking features of the game and the app has the ability to connect and disconnect from WiFi access points.

The game is free to download but you will have to pay for special items for the farm–something that is common on these types of social games.  You should also be aware that downloading Tiny Farm will give the app access to your phone’s information which may make you susceptible to malicious apps.  That being said, this is a cute game and one that will provide you with hours of entertainment.



Trulia, Free Real Estate App for the Android

trulia android appsTrulia, the real estate app for Android was created with buyers and renters in mind.  The Trulia App helps anyone that is looking for a place to rent or buy using GPS  and searches.  Homes that have been put up for sale or are up for rent are displayed in an easy to navigate user interface.  You can view photos of homes and set favorites so that you can revisit them as potentials.  The app also lets you build lists of properties which can be used to plan a tour of the properties or just to remind you about the properties that you have visited.

Trulia also helps Android app users to locate open houses and with the calendar features, you can make a schedule for viewings.  The voice search is also helpful.  A lot of real estate agents spend a lot of time in their vehicles, travelling from property to property, so the voice look up feature is an important addition.

Trulia can also help you save money with the option of searching rental and to purchase properties by their prices.  Trulia, free for Android is a great app that offers a lot of useful advice, information and is so easy to use.


Android Apps Sports Illustrated Swimsuit 2011

If you like looking at beautiful women and being asked to upgrade to the $1.99 version on nearly every page and feature, then this is the app for you.  The sole purpose of this app is to frustrate anyone that wants to see more of the model.  SI Swimsuit 2011 free is a big tease to get you to spend money on the full version.  It is a little bit insulting because the free app serves no real purpose at all.  Not knocking these beautiful women in swimsuits, just SI and DirectTV for putting this out.  They should remove the free version of the app as it is insulting to the intelligence of appreciators’ of the beautiful photography that SI Swimsuit is known for.

If you want to see SI Swimsuit 2011 skip the free version and just spend the $1.99.  It will give you access to videos and more and costs much less than the magazine on newsstands.  Free version – lame, Full version – tasty!  Oh, there’s also a creepy stalker-ish feature in which you can follow your favorite models on Twitter from inside the app.  That sounds like a lawsuit waiting to happen.  The full version also gives you access to updates of more videos and pics on a monthly basis and comes standard with an initial 40 videos.

si2011 android apps

Juice Defender Android Apps

This is another in a long list of apps that conserve your battery power switching off services or allowing you to make hotkeys to turn off services.  What is going on with battery power exactly?  The reason you may be losing battery power is because you have a lot of apps running simultaneously or even a few high processor usage apps.  Juice Defender claims to extend battery life which is true in a way, but not a reason to download the app.

The reason you would want to download this app is because of their preset modes that help you manage WiFi, Mobile Data and CPU speed.  The settings are nice because you can choose to run at full mode when you want to and switch over to less battery draining settings when you are done.

Juice Defender is a free and feature limited version of UltimateJuice.  If you are looking for a power management app then Juice Defender is one you should be safe trying.  If you don’t like it, there are plenty of others to try.  Not only will they help you fight free radicals, but they may also help lower your risk of heart disease and Type 2 diabetes.

JuiceDefender android apps

Time Mobile Android Apps

This is kind of a one trick pony kind of app.  If you like Time Magazine then it would be handy app to have around, but the Time Mobile app does not do anything that special.  Just a news reading app and not much that different from others except of course, for the content.  The layout is clean and concise and you can get to your favorite articles fairly quickly.

For a free app, it does the job, looks decent and hasn’t crashed yet for us. Time is one of the most established news magazines in the world and has a very large global following.

android apps time

Air Horn! Android Apps Free

If you are looking for an app that is both useful, funny and possibly incredibly annoying to all that are in hearing distance, then Air Horn! Imagine having all of the most annoying horn sounds at your fingertips. What would you do with such incredible power? Would you use that power for good or evil? Air Horn! comes with several realistic sounding horns, like the Fog Horn, Vuvuzela and even a Train Horn. The coolest feature of the app, besides video recording of you using the app, is the Trouble Maker. This feature makes use of the microphone by sounding off anytime a noise is picked up.

All in good fun, Air Horn! is a free Android App that you will want to check out. It is ad supported; the interface is campy and not really more complicated than it has to be. There is an upgraded version available that adds more noise makers and features. The same developer also makes The Whoopee Cushion and Bleep Me apps. This app is definitely for those older brothers and sisters out there that enjoy tormenting their siblings or super enthusiastic sports fans that need bigger and louder ways to express their sports emotions at the stadium.
Android Apps Air Horn

ZENONIA 2 RPG Gaming App

Zenonia apps android




Zenonia 2 Android Apps

ZENONIA 2 is a really decent RPG franchise for the Android. This gaming app gives you full control over your character building, allowing you to customize to your heart’s content. The game takes four characters through their personalized storylines.

The really neat feature of this app is that ZENONIA 2 gives you Player vs Player action. This really ups the lifespan of playability and makes this a download that is worth the price. The ZENONIA world has over 150 maps and nearly 100 quests to play through. It also offers varying modes of difficulty from Normal to Hell Mode.

Several of the characters in ZENONIA have become a popular meme.

Game Dev Story for the Android

android apps game dev story




Game Dev Story

This is a completely unique game that a lot of people will seriously enjoy. It has received some great reviews, even with the near five dollar price that is being asked for it. In Game Dev Story for Android, you will work to reach the upper echelon of the gaming industry. Take your company to the top by creating and selling a multi million dollar video game.

You work as a developer that builds a company with your own gaming console. You control the staff and other financial of the company. Starting from the ground up, you can build your company into a mega game company by selecting the right professionals for the job.